• Nullamlacus dui ipsum conseque loborttis

    ction of a figure in armour, grasping a huge battle-axe in its hand. With the swiftness of an animal, the battle-axe was snatched away, and before Walter could realise what had happened, the Italian had smashed a couple of the heavy plate-glass sheets, thus clearing a way

    into the garden. Walter yelled at the t

  • Nullamlacus dui ipsum conseque loborttis

    op of his voice and darted forward, but he was too late. He realised the folly of a search in the darkness. No doubt, by this time the man was far away. He opened the studio door, which closed suddenly behind him, owin

    g to a draught which came streaming thro

  • Nullamlacus dui ipsum conseque loborttis

    ugh the broken panes. He saw Lord Ravenspur standing before him in the corridor, with a white face and agitated manner. "What is it, Walter?" the latter asked hoarsely. "I'll tell you presently," Walter said. "Only you must get the women-kind away

    first. It is quite imperative that Vera

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